People around here tend to think that because I’m from Alaska I should be used to extreme weather. It’s true, we have sub-zero temperatures and a lot of snow, but we generally know what to expect. You might see a Frankensnowman or two, but never a Frankenstorm. 

Still, whether you are on the East Coast or the last frontier, winter in either place is harsh on the skin. The double-whammy of raw and cold outside + dry and hot inside create a monster of a different sort – dry, itchy skin. 

So what’s a girl to do? 

Well, for one, you could follow the lead of our Egyptian friend Cleopatra. She used to bathe in Dead Sea salt water, an ancient but effective way to hydrate skin because of the high concentration of magnesium. 

You can also listen to a contemporary girl – me – and try a few of my go-to methods for making it through the winter with your skin intact:

1. Add MoodyBeauty to your Dead Sea salt bath – the oil veils your body, moisturizing skin and making it silky soft. And, the hot water and essential oils create a soothing sensory experience. I use SALTWORKS Dead Sea salt. Do not deviate – not all salt is created equal.

2. Add a few drops of MoodyBeauty to a dollop of Shea butter and warm between palms. Great for dry hands, but I also use this on my face because the butter makes a barrier and prevents moisture loss. Don’t be afraid, you won’t look like a grease monster, promise. I use NOW Shea Butter – it is lightweight and absorbs quickly.

Nature is confounding - it can be a ferocious beast or a friendly benefactor. And when the going gets tough this winter, we can use the elements – water, salt and oil – to soothe and heal.

Please email me directly if you have a friend or loved one who has been impacted by the storm. It’s a small gesture, but I’ve set aside several bottles of MoodyBeauty to send to New York and New Jersey, with the hope it can bring a little relief.