I was born and raised in Alaska surrounded by dramatic expressions of natural beauty.  There is nothing subtle about this rugged and majestic landscape – it is bold and straightforward. But it is also this quiet and uncomplicated place with an earthy confidence.  Alaska is where I feel grounded, relaxed and alive in spirit – it is beautiful and restorative.  And, the essence of MOODYBEAUTY is just that.

When it comes to my skincare I want cutting edge anti-aging solutions and a low-tech beauty regime. I'm a modern girl and I love innovation - I happily embrace the latest in beauty science: Retin-A, IPL, even Botox. These things work for me. But my skin also needs something nutritive, soothing, and hydrating every day.

And, I don't want to fuss around with a lot of products. Not to mention, I live life on the go and I travel a lot. I just about lost my mind when airlines stopped allowing more than 3 oz. of carry-on liquid. That was a tipping point. Couldn't I just find one bottle to do it all? Believe me I tried. I've collected a million products over the years. But, I never did find THE one.

So, I decided to make it.

I'm naturally drawn to products that are pure, organic, and sensuous. So that's where I started. I turned the island in my kitchen into a platform for my experiments. I got to work making that one-and-only, throw-on-and-go beauty essential - a powerhouse blend with an aroma that was downright dreamy. The botanical extracts I coaxed together in my little potion are therapy for your skin and peace for your mind. They are good and they make you feel good.

I decided to call it MOODYBEAUTY.

I did it for myself and I shared it with my sisters and friends. They encouraged me to share it with you too - I hope you love it.

, Founder