I just got off the phone with my girlfriend, a straight talking girl with Buddha-like insight. She’s also one of the top executive coaches in the country, so when she makes an observation, I listen.  When she told me just now that I'd lost my cool-girl edge (gasp!) there was no ignoring it.  I knew what she meant.  

There is this intangible quality – a kind of vibe – that you broadcast to the world, whether you are aware of it or not.  I’ve been idling in the same head space for a while now and it has bogged me down and stymied my creative drive forward.   It’s cause for concern.  

As I spend another day in my standard-issue Lululemon uniform, I have to ask, how can I inspire others, build a dynamic brand, play big in this world, if I’m boring?

Sure, I’m being dramatic. It’s my way. I know my friend was simply pointing out that I was stuck in a rut. But like anyone, I want to be cool and inspiring.  And it really tweaks my ego to hear that I’ve flatlined, that I’m verging on frumpster-hood.

So I did something about it.

I marched straight to the salon and had bangs cut (ironically, the day Duchess Kate did the same). Then I took my first-ever Bikram class. For a girl who hasn’t had bangs since the third grade, and who doesn’t do hotter-than-hell yoga, this felt pretty bold.

And being bold is not boring.  You gotta start somewhere.