This is slightly embarrassing to admit. I don’t wash my face.  I mean, of course it gets wet when I shower.  And, occasionally I do use a toner. But, truth be told, I never use a washcloth and cleanser.  My excuse is that I don’t wear make-up, like the real deal make-up.  My primping routine is basic. Moody Beauty. Bronzer. Lips. 

But last week in Key West that all changed.

Bucket loads of sunscreen + 100% humidity do not make for happy skin.  Desperate for a solution, I bought this weirdly prehistoric, lava black thing called a Binchotan Facial Puff.  It was, in fact, a Japanese sponge made from Konjac vegetable fibers and micro-fine charcoal powder derived from burnt oak.  The next thing you know, I’m hooked.   Used without cleanser (!) this finely textured sponge gently cleaned, exfoliated and moisturized.  My skin could breathe again.

For the Moody Beauty who wants a simple, smart skin care solution, this black beauty does it all.

Get your own Binchotan Facial Puff @ Rikumo