Did I buy these gold brocade Prada shoes because I’m a label snob?  Am I channeling a celebrity starlet with this velour track suit?  And this faux-fur-trimmed cape – what, was I drunk? 

I cleaned my closet last week and I liked it. 

And it’s no wonder; the clutter was making me neurotic.   But in the process of getting rid of stuff, I saw that I could do the same kind of clearing for my mind.

Because my mental space is no different from my closet in the way it can fill up with useless stuff.  I’m talking about the kinds of thoughts that take on a life of their own; weird worry thoughts that hang around because I let them. Why don’t my sisters call me more often?  Why does my dog love my husband more than me?  Why can’t I finish this blog?  Sure harmless enough, but the clutter gets in the way and keeps me from seeing what’s possible.

So … rid myself of these thoughts? Name them and tame them? Throw them onto the trash heap of unproductive thinking?  When I clear my mental space like this I feel free to create something new in my life.  And today I’m making room for that.