I was born and raised in Alaska and we Alaskans are enamored with our fish.  Seriously.  We talk about fish the way New Englanders talk about the Patriots - with a lot of passion, a lot of enthusiasm.   On this crispy, October morning when New Englanders are thinking about football, Alaskans are thinking about trout fishing.  And while this cool, dry weather may be good for football and fishing, it certainly is not good for my face.  And this morning I'm thinking  -  I actually look like a fish. 

Time to de-scale.

I have finicky, sensitive skin so I favor gentle products for my de-flaking regime.  If you also want to whisk away those pesky dry flakes, try one of my favorite exfoliants below.  Finish up with a hydrating layer of MoodyBeauty oil and there you have it - smooth, luminous skin.

Leave the scales to the fish. 

  1. Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant by Aveda.  I use this toner-like exfoliant in place of a cleanser to remove dull, dead skin – it leaves my face feeling clean and fresh.  Use with cotton rounds you can purchase at your local drugstore.   This product is only available at Aveda Concept Salons.  If you find you love it, order the more economical 500 ml size.  Here are two locations:  Newburyport and NYC.
  2. New Beginning Scrub by Ole Henriksen.    I love the super-fine grit in this jojoba and avocado oil blend – a nourishing and luxurious scrub.  I keep this in my shower and use it with the linen wash mitt I referenced in my Buff & Slough blog post. Purchase online at Ole Henriksen.