Deluge.  A drenching rain; downpour.  And, just a bit depressing to wake up to this morning. I can see and hear the rain pummeling the windows and I feel like I’m in a car wash.  I have a vision of those freakishly big rotating brushes that descend onto the car.  And in that funny way my mind winds around to a thought, I am reminded of my own collection of body brushes. Um, I know. I have a lot. And, they all look like they belong at a car wash, not in my shower. 


Sure, my brushes may be a little prickly but I love, love them because they leave my skin feeling so darn smooth and soft. And now is the perfect time to whisk away our leftover summer skin, so give it a try. Don’t be afraid - it won't hurt. 


I typically use #1 and #4 pre-shower with the dry brush technique.  Use these brushes daily or any time you need a good scrub - simply suds up your brush with shower gel or a body scrub. I love Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish.

You can find my brush collection at these online:

#1 - Opal London Lymphatic Massage Brush

#2 - Jokipiin Pellava Villa Linen Mitt

#3 - Opal London Woven Sisal Mitt

#4 - Earth Therapeutics Palm Fiber Body Brush