It’s the fourth week of August and I’m feeling edgy – like I’m standing on that yellow line, the one that reminds you there isn’t much space between you and the fast-approaching train. Nothing in particular has happened – it’s sunny outside and I’m wearing flip-flops.

Still, I’ve done two Yin yoga classes in the last four days and I don’t even do yoga.

So, what’s up?

I was in class this morning when I figured it out.  I do sense that the gap is closing – the one between summer and fall. It’s not such a bad thing, I know.  It’s just that time is passing and here I am realizing that, despite the appearance of looking really busy, I’ve been coasting again. This is the sort of psychic nudge that I get when I pay close attention to myself. That is why I do yoga.

Need a nudge?  Go to Gin’s Yin yoga class at Repose Yoga Studio.  Here is the schedule