This British poster has been trending for some time now, like since 1939.  It was produced by the British Ministry of Information at the beginning of the Second World War to raise the morale of the public.  The poster was rarely used and when it was rediscovered in 2000 it became wildly popular, partly because it was familiar and relevant.  It was emblematic of the British character we know and laugh at (in a nice way, of course). And, it hit a cord during the rocky economic recession of the late 2000s.

But generally, there was a straightforward, retro coolness about this 20th century poster. And, like a lot of things that make their way here from somewhere else, it inspired derivatives like this:


And my favorite.

As my British brother-in-law would say, “How very American.”

But you know, that somewhat staid British slogan is actually packed with a whole lot new age wisdom – wisdom that is well, quite old really.  What bubbles up when I think about it?  When I am calm and centered, I feel at ease and happy.   And that forward feeling of being in action and moving toward something, it adds a layer of hope and excitement.   Really, it’s this idea of being both content and dynamic – I love that.  

So, here is my version for 2012.


A good start.