My Grandma had a true appreciation for all things pretty and girly – flowers, jewelry, fashion, and hair. I spent my childhood playing in her garden, choosing just-right costume jewelry for her outfits, sewing school clothes with her, setting her hair in foam curlers. In mid-May she wasn’t feeling her usual, super-active 100 year old self.  She was in the hospital. I sent her flowers and a sample of MOODYBEAUTY, because I just wanted to give her something. 

The flowers and oil were there when I arrived at the hospital a few days later. I accepted that she was dying. In what became a kind of ridiculous concern, we girl-relatives made sure the flowers and oil journeyed with Grandma that week as she died. Wherever she was – in the hospital, in her bed at home, and finally in her rose-colored casket – they were. 

In a loving ritual after Grandma died, we dressed her in a pink sweater set and matching accessories (of course) and coiffed her hair. We smoothed her skin with MOODYBEAUTY. We covered her with flower petals and swaddled her up in one of her handmade quilts. She was coordinated, beautiful and peaceful. And, just as she always was to me – perfect.